Wednesday, July 8, 2009

It's been a while since I lit my own altar

I always try to keep a pretty altar and not let it get cluttered, but lately it's been rare that I use it except maybe to light a prayer candle for someone. Tonight it's lit in honor of the full moon. I was hoping to use the full moon energy tonight for some creative work but I feel like this is more of a cleansing time... maybe since I ended up on the beginning of the waning phase of the moon it was time to clean out cluttered energy. I have a ways to go with that but I guess that's what I'll use the Full Moon to Dark Moon period to accomplish this month. My creative energy seems to be requiring a less cluttered environment. Besides - we're house-hunting and will be moving in a couple months. I would like to have my supplies organized before the move this time instead of throwing everything into a box and figuring out where things might fit after the move. Of course there will be some of that anyways having to work with a new space - but it will be easier if it's all together this time. There's so much to re-consider for a new space. Do I want to have my altar in my creative space - will I have room for it there? Or will it be better in the living room? Or will space be so limited I need to keep my altar put away until I need to set up for ritual? Having a yard, I'd love to build some kind of outdoor shrine - I really can't wait until I can do outdoor rituals again! So much to do and decide - and only two months to do it!