Saturday, March 19, 2011

I started looking at my blog here again last night after referring a friend to one of my postings and realized my last post here was just under a year ago when I was getting ready for the spring craft and pagan festivals. I haven't been using this blog like I intended and that's gonna change this year.

I will probably start with some older projects and writings. I haven't done a lot of new stuff in the last few months but I did create quite a few things in the early half of the year. I made a wedding spirit for a couple as their wedding gift, an Ogunn altar spirit commissioned by an online fan, several sculpted goddess pendants, gamer dice pendants, and runes. Last year was also the year I developed my god pendants to compliment the goddess pendants. Once festival season was over I seemed to have lost my inspiration and productivity. All I really felt like doing from summer onward was playing World of Warcraft. Part of it was a rush to get a character or two caught up with my friends before the new expansion changed everything. I still plan to keep playing but I want to balance my time better.

I don't go to the Flying Monkey artist market anymore because a lot of things are changing that made it seem not worth the time and effort. I'm going to focus on online sales and whatever festivals and conventions I can do this year. I'd love to do some sci-fi cons soon too, since I started making things gamers and fantasy fans like too. I want to blog and write more- even if it meas bringing my netbook to work so I can type between deliveries. So this year I need to balance playing my favorite game, getting my health back on track, doing crafts and working on websites, my spirituality, and working full time.