Tuesday, November 11, 2008

New Candles cooling now...

So tis the season for Yule/Christmas themed candles :) All my candles are made in small batches, not mass produced. I try to use as much natural materials as I can. I rarely use paraffin but when I do I try to use premium quality paraffin which burns cleaner than the lower quality wax. I use essential oils whenever possible unless I cannot find the scent I need after searching every source. My next batch will be Jar candles only, since I'm now out of votive holders. Photos of the actual candles will be available after they cool!

Yule Spice - one of the first oil blends I ever created - Frankinscense, Myrrh, Orange, Cinnamon, Clove, Nutmeg, and Tonka bean for a hint of a vanilla scent - 100% Essential oils in natural palm wax. 3 glass votives available now.

Evergreen - Rosemary and Pine essential oils. In white soy wax. 1 8oz jar candle available now.

Rosemary Romance - Rosemary and Patchouli essential oils - light brown soy wax - 2 jar candles, 1 votive available now.

Wassail - essential oil and fragrance oils - apple, spices, cloven orange, cranberry vanilla. Cranberry Orange colored soy wax. 2 votives, 1 jar available.

Winter Mint - peppermint, wintergreen essential oils and vanilla fragrance oil. Red soy wax. 1 jar, one large votive available. I intended this batch to be pink but it looks like it will cool darker than I hoped. The next batch may be light blue.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It's getting that time of year again!
I think I've put more into this year's dolls than ever.
I do also have some smaller Yule spirits I will work on probably tomorrow and a Yule candle series ;)

.. ..

Last Year's Yule Spirit "Evergreen" is still available as well.

Evergreen by =phenyxangel on deviantART
I will be reducing her price on etsy since she is last year's creation and I'm trying to make room on my shelves for all my new creations!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Magickal Oils by Luna Rose

I'm getting ready to re-launch my ritual oils. I finally found the notebook where I wrote down my original blends and now I've decided on a new label. I originally used "Luna Rose Creations" with an older version of my logo of my goddess design on a pentacle. It seemed that logo was not going over well at a new age festival I was vending at. For the last year or so I have been using my winged goddess design with two crescent moons and a spiral. I can thank my mom for coming up with that modification to my logo! I recently labeled my oils as "Studio Nocturna Oil Blends" because I've been selling my creations under my Studio Nocturna website. I finally decided on Magickal Oils by Luna Rose since Luna Rose Nocturna is my craft name and Studio Nocturna is the name of my site and online shoppe.

I'm also re-vamping some of my recipes and the way I make them. I now only make my oils in small batches instead of trying to create large master bottles full. This also means I end up using a larger percentage of essential oils vs. carrier oil. I now blend primarily with sweet almond oil as a carrier - in the past I used safflower oil - a good light base but it didn't hold the scent as long. I sometimes use Jojoba or a blend of Jojoba and Almond. I'm also adding herbs, resins, and crystals in each bottle in many of my blends, not just the master batch. This means I might no longer be offering my oils in a 1 dram size, except for the ones I already have prepared. I'm planning to order new bottles soon in half ounce and 2 dram sizes.
The half ounce will look similar to this, which I poured into a recycled cobalt blue 1/3 ounce bottle. Only I've decided to go with the clear rounds though I could get blue or amber.

I currently have tall narrow 2 dram bottles... which aren't too bad but are harder to work with when adding certain herbs and resins. The dealer I'm ordering from has short wide 2 dram bottles which I have ordered before and while it wasn't what I was expecting at the time, the wide style works out much better for my current plans.

Blends I have currently available are
Queen of Heaven - a goddess scent based in myrrh, sandalwood, frankincense, rose and a hint of camphor.

Full Moon - recently re-created with a new recipe involving myrrh, lavender and anise with moonstone crystals.

Money- has several parts but includes patchouli, cinnamon, tonka, High John, and basil. Newer blends will also include peridot and aventurine gemstones and Job's tears.

Love - a mostly floral mix with some patchouli and dragons blood as well as tonka for attraction. Each vial has rose quartz and rose petals.

Fiery Wall of Protection- a traditional recipe often used in hoodoo rituals. A bit of a spicy blend with dragon's blood and myrhh.

Angel- a light spiritual and somewhat floral blend

Peace - a Eucalyptus and Lavender blend - it's magickal properties are good for healing and peace, but it's aroma also seems to help the sinuses!

Holy Healing - sandalwood, eucalyptus, peppermint, chamomile, hyssop

Fast Luck - a traditional hoodoo recipe for Red Fast Luck - a blend of vanilla, wintergreen and cinnamon.

Attraction - this one started out as a variation on Love oil but with more oils meant for attraction and a somewhat sweeter floral scent.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Autumn and Samhain spirits....

I'm so ready for fall already... I've started making my seasonal spirits for this year already and I'm just so in the mood for the change of seasons and Halloween.

I've decided to drop the price of last year's Samhain spirit and Autumn spirits on my Etsy site to make room for the one's I'll be making soon... I actually have made a Samhain 2008 doll but don't have photos yet.

Samhain 2007

Samhain 2007

Autumn Goddess

Autumn Goddess

Autumn Majesty

Autumn Majesty

Abundant Harvest

Abundant Harvest

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Goddess Rosary ritual

Goddess Rosary
I have written these prayers to be generic rather than be biased towards any one path. Feel free to alter the wording to suit your personal path. These instructions are meant to be guidelines for your personal meditation. They are written from a woman’s point of view, but men can substitute terms where necessary.

Elemental Beads
This is essentially a circle casting and invoking of the Elements. Holding your rosary, face, nod, or gesture in the direction of each element. Start with the first elemental bead on the tail and move up and around the rosary.

Lords of Air breathe into me. Clear my mind as I commune with the Goddess. As I Will it – So Mote it Be!

Fire/South –
Lords of Fire, light a creative spark within me. Enhance my passion for her as I commune with the Goddess. As I Will it – So Mote it Be!

Water/West –
Ladies of Water, wash your cleansing waves over me. Teach me to listen to my intuition as I commune with the Goddess. As I Will it – So Mote it Be!

Earth/North –
Ladies of Earth, Strengthen me, heal me and keep me grounded. Connect me with the Divine within the Earth as I commune with the Goddess. As I Will it – So Mote it Be!

On the Charm – Akasha – Spirit or the four Elements unified:
Akasha, Spirit of all things! Essence of Magick that connects us all. Flow through me and open my eyes to Magick! Flow within and awaken my Spirit!

Trinity Beads
This is the set of three beads between the first two elemental beads. On these beads invoke your personal deities. I suggest invoking the Mother, Maiden, and Crone aspects of the Goddess if you want to keep your meditation totally on the Goddess. If you feel that the God should always be invoked along with the Goddess, then invoke the God, the Goddess and then Both unified, or any combination of your choice.

Goddess Beads
Start with the set of beads to the right of the center connector. This is a prayer
to the Maiden. Focus on your need or desire and how the Maiden Goddess can help you then chant once for each of the nine beads:

Maiden Goddess, teach me to be more like you, independent and joyful, through and through. Dance in my heart and I’ll always be young – as I chant your rhythms and sing your songs. Blessed be! (Meditate on the joyful energy the Maiden brings and focus on strong independent maiden goddesses such as Artemis or Athena)

On the Second set chant a prayer to the Mother Goddess:

Mother Goddess, help me to be strong, calm, and wise – your daughter forever in your Lunar eyes. Bless my family and strengthen my heart, as merry us meet and merry us part! Blessed be! (The Mother is the one to focus on for fertility in all things – whether physical or involving creative inspiration. Also appeal to her if you need help maintaining a stable life at home)

On third set chant a prayer to the Crone:

Wise Crone, bring your wisdom into my life so that I may be the perfect lover, woman and wife. Help me keep mature outlook with experienced eyes as your light shines through me with power and might. Blessed Be! (The Crone is the ancient wise one, the grandmother of us all, go to her when you need her wisdom)

After your prayers, thank the elements and the Goddess for their blessings and presence. Repeat as often as you feel the need!

©2005 Kristina Mears

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Just finished : Elemental Spirit set

I've been wanting to do this set since I started making Spirit Dolls... I have done the elementals - all but air individually but none were close enough in style and size to sell as a set - besides my earth elemental was the first doll to find a new home, water called my sister-in-law, and the fire elemental (I call him Sparky) decided to stay with me...

I will be posting better photos and even a blog showing some of the process sometime later...

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Dreamer Spirt Doll

Dreamer is a reiki charged spirit doll made especially to help with sleep and dreams. She is stuffed with herbs to help with both and symbolic charms - a dreamcatcher, a feather representing the spirits, a unicorn representing fantasy, a key opening the pathways, and a star and a moon representing the night sky.

She is available in my Etsy shop here: Dreamer Doll

About Luna Rose

I make spirit/art/voodoo dolls - whatever people want to call them these days... What I create is usually based on the traditional style of a voodoo doll with herbs, gemstones, colors, symbols, etc decorating the doll and charging it. Each doll is charged with Reiki and represents a certain spirit, god, goddess, angel, lwa, orisha, or elemental - or even abstracts like hope, peace, love, dreams... I think the thing that really sets my work apart from some others is the detailed sculpting and/or painting I add to the faces... I also feel for some reason spirits are represented with feathers - it's just something I did from the first dolls I created, some have sculpted feathers, all have feathers attached... Each doll pretty much makes it self as my hands put together the pieces. I go into each doll's creation with a plan of what I want to represent, but the rest of the way there's no telling how it will come out as I intuitively choose the parts that fit the theme...