Monday, May 21, 2018

Back in Business

For a while I thought about shutting down and giving up on my art, especially the selling it part.  It was really hard to focus on what I needed to do while taking care of my baby and working a part time job at night.  Now due to certain circumstances I had to give up my job and find income elsewhere.  When I go out I have a lot of people asking me about my tree of life pendants, so I am now organizing them and trying to get more of them listed on my Etsy and my Facebook page.  I even have an updated business card.

I just didn't feel right not doing art in some form or another.  I've been drawing coloring pages and hope to create a coloring book.  I've been making more trees and I believe I'm even improving my technique.  I still make my gnomes and my newest hobby is painting rocks.  I plan to start updating this site more often and not only blogging about my art.  I may write about my latest creation, my spirituality, raising my toddler, or even share plant based info and recipes. Here's to being active again!