Thursday, January 31, 2008

About Luna Rose

I make spirit/art/voodoo dolls - whatever people want to call them these days... What I create is usually based on the traditional style of a voodoo doll with herbs, gemstones, colors, symbols, etc decorating the doll and charging it. Each doll is charged with Reiki and represents a certain spirit, god, goddess, angel, lwa, orisha, or elemental - or even abstracts like hope, peace, love, dreams... I think the thing that really sets my work apart from some others is the detailed sculpting and/or painting I add to the faces... I also feel for some reason spirits are represented with feathers - it's just something I did from the first dolls I created, some have sculpted feathers, all have feathers attached... Each doll pretty much makes it self as my hands put together the pieces. I go into each doll's creation with a plan of what I want to represent, but the rest of the way there's no telling how it will come out as I intuitively choose the parts that fit the theme...

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