Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Goddess Rosary ritual

Goddess Rosary
I have written these prayers to be generic rather than be biased towards any one path. Feel free to alter the wording to suit your personal path. These instructions are meant to be guidelines for your personal meditation. They are written from a woman’s point of view, but men can substitute terms where necessary.

Elemental Beads
This is essentially a circle casting and invoking of the Elements. Holding your rosary, face, nod, or gesture in the direction of each element. Start with the first elemental bead on the tail and move up and around the rosary.

Lords of Air breathe into me. Clear my mind as I commune with the Goddess. As I Will it – So Mote it Be!

Fire/South –
Lords of Fire, light a creative spark within me. Enhance my passion for her as I commune with the Goddess. As I Will it – So Mote it Be!

Water/West –
Ladies of Water, wash your cleansing waves over me. Teach me to listen to my intuition as I commune with the Goddess. As I Will it – So Mote it Be!

Earth/North –
Ladies of Earth, Strengthen me, heal me and keep me grounded. Connect me with the Divine within the Earth as I commune with the Goddess. As I Will it – So Mote it Be!

On the Charm – Akasha – Spirit or the four Elements unified:
Akasha, Spirit of all things! Essence of Magick that connects us all. Flow through me and open my eyes to Magick! Flow within and awaken my Spirit!

Trinity Beads
This is the set of three beads between the first two elemental beads. On these beads invoke your personal deities. I suggest invoking the Mother, Maiden, and Crone aspects of the Goddess if you want to keep your meditation totally on the Goddess. If you feel that the God should always be invoked along with the Goddess, then invoke the God, the Goddess and then Both unified, or any combination of your choice.

Goddess Beads
Start with the set of beads to the right of the center connector. This is a prayer
to the Maiden. Focus on your need or desire and how the Maiden Goddess can help you then chant once for each of the nine beads:

Maiden Goddess, teach me to be more like you, independent and joyful, through and through. Dance in my heart and I’ll always be young – as I chant your rhythms and sing your songs. Blessed be! (Meditate on the joyful energy the Maiden brings and focus on strong independent maiden goddesses such as Artemis or Athena)

On the Second set chant a prayer to the Mother Goddess:

Mother Goddess, help me to be strong, calm, and wise – your daughter forever in your Lunar eyes. Bless my family and strengthen my heart, as merry us meet and merry us part! Blessed be! (The Mother is the one to focus on for fertility in all things – whether physical or involving creative inspiration. Also appeal to her if you need help maintaining a stable life at home)

On third set chant a prayer to the Crone:

Wise Crone, bring your wisdom into my life so that I may be the perfect lover, woman and wife. Help me keep mature outlook with experienced eyes as your light shines through me with power and might. Blessed Be! (The Crone is the ancient wise one, the grandmother of us all, go to her when you need her wisdom)

After your prayers, thank the elements and the Goddess for their blessings and presence. Repeat as often as you feel the need!

©2005 Kristina Mears

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Hecate RavenMoon said...

Wow, that is a great rosary. I have one with a purple 'goddess' symbol hanging where the cross would be.

I love your page. Keep up the good work.