Thursday, January 15, 2009

I wish I had my own shop

It's interesting how it seems my table at the artist market is becoming a mini occult shop based on my own creations. The main things that seem to sell lately are my candles and oils. But there is interest in my other spiritual creations - so I keep bringing almost everything I do. That's becoming a lot to haul back and forth every week. I'm really wishing I had a real storefront but I'd need the customers to justify and support the cost of renting a space somewhere. I'd like to at least rent a space at the artist market but they don't have any open spaces available. If I did have my own pagan/occult shop my intent would not be to compete with the couple stores I know of around here since it would be mostly based on the ritual tools and supplies I create. I would probably supplement those things with resale pagan items, but it wouldn't be the main thing I do. I really feel like it's my spiritual calling to be able to offer my ritual creations to the world and each year I feel a stronger push to get out there and do it - but now it seems its not the right time because of the economy. It doesn't seem to be a good idea to open up a shop when people are not really up to spending money on "extras". Yet I keep feeling this push and I keep creating. I feel fulfilled creating spiritual things, but I need to make sales to re-supply my creative habits.


Curious Curandera said...

Have you tried selling on ebay? just a thought. if this is your true calling, maybe meditating with your guides will bring a solution.

LunaRoseNocturna said...

I use Etsy and my own websites. eBay just isn't what it used to be and it's harder to market handmade creations there. I try again every so often but I've had better luck on Etsy - not to metion eBay's fees take all my profit!